Pre-K Counts Attendance Policy

In an effort to promote good attendance outlined in the proceeding policy, the following procedures must be followed:  written doctor’s excuses, attendance contracts, and consequences for excessive absences via removal from the Pre-K Counts Program.

Attendance:  The Office of Child Development and Early Learning require regular attendance of all people’s participating in Pre-K Counts.  Children must have an attendance percentage of 85% or better to retain Pre-K Counts funding.  Failure to maintain the 85% attendance will result in loss of funding.

Excuses that may be considered “legal” absences:

  1. Quarantined
  2. Personal Illness
  3. Religious Reasons
  4. Death in Immediate Family
  5. Natural Disaster or Severe Weather
  6. Educational Trips (Required to have Director Permission – Trip Slip must be filled out ahead of time)
  7. Reasons agreed upon by the Director in Advance (Written Documentation Needed)  

Late/Arrival Tardiness: It is important that your child arrive on time and be ready to learn when they come in.  Please be sure of your child’s start time.

Excessive Absences/Tardiness:  The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania requires a parent/guardian to provide the means for their child to attend school regularly.

Consequences of Excessive Absence/Tardiness:  If a child has been absent/late for an accumulation of 5 or more days and/or exhibits a pattern of excessive absences during the school year, parents/guardians will receive a written notice stating that their child is jeopardy of losing Pre-K Counts funding.  Excessive Absences or Tardiness may not total more than 10 days per year.

After 3 days of illegal/unlawful absences, a letter will be sent to the child’s parent/guardian containing the dates of absences in questions and a warning will be issued.  Pre-K Counts funding will be in jeopardy and a child will be at risk of being removed from the Pre-K Counts program for illegal absences.

Download the Attendance Policy

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